4 MoliNea Normal Bed Pads (176ml)

MoliNea Normal absorbency under pads/Bed sheets pads are a product designed to be comfortable and disposable. They are designed with patients comfort and protection in mind and are designed for light inconstancy as they can absorb up 176ml of liquid.

These bed sheets/pads come in one size of 60 by 60cm and are fitted with a soft absorbent top especially designed for patient comfort. This product is available in packs of 30 which insure a constant supply.


MoliNea normal under pads/Bed sheets are a multipurpose product, they are laid on top of the user’s regular sheet and are fitted with a non slip plastic back which insures that the product does not move or slip while the user is sleeping.

They are also perfect for soft furnishing such as chairs for patients that are have limited mobility and a confined to bed or a seat position. They are perfect for use on their own or can be used in conjunction with the users other incontinence products to give multilayer protection.

This multilayer protection gives the users the ultimate protection against leaks while sleeping. It also insures that the user can have an excellent night’s sleep without have to worry about leaks or accidents.

They are the perfect choice for parent whose children may be bedwetting. They can be more convenient then a full protective sheet. They are the perfect if you are staying away from home and want an extra layer of protection to avoid any embarrassing situations.

They product is light weight and easy to carry, the product is fully disposable making them very hygienic. This hygienic aspect makes them a fantastic alternative to regular baby changing mats and is perfect for use in baby changing areas in places such as rest stops, where the parent may not feel comfortable using the public changing mat.

1 review for 4 MoliNea Normal Bed Pads (176ml)

  1. Geoff

    These bed pads have been a life saver for my grandad… He helps give him a little more assurance when he sleeps now.

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