DRYtex Waterproof PVC Plastic Pants

DRYtex waterproof PVC plastic pants are an excellent option when a higher level of protection is required by the user, especially if the user is not fully comfortable or confident in the level of protect that their chosen product is providing. DRYtex waterproof PVC plastic pants are in innovative product especially designed to be worn as a higher level of protect over the users normal, nappies or other incontinence products.


They are specifically designed to function as an extra level of projection in more demanding situations. These situations can often include long journeys or when access to a bathroom is limited, such as on a long flight or train journey and if the user is shopping and cannot access a bathroom easily. DRYtex waterproof PVC plastic pants are the perfect option if the user is in a social setting or staying away from home, and can help prevent any unwanted leakage; they help the user to maintain their desired level of dignity and will insure more confidence.

DRYtex waterproof PVC plastic pants are constructed of a light weight PVC material. They are concealed under normal clothing and with their thin appearance will add very little bulk and the light weight PVC makes little are no noise, so they do not draw attention, giving the users peace of mind as well as comfort. DRYtex waterproof PVC plastic pants are the perfect solution in helping to prevent any leakage while sleeping; this in turn gives the users peace of mind.

Product Features – Drytex Waterproof PVC Plastic Pants

  • These Pants are made from PVC plastic.
  • This product helps the wearer feel secure.
  • The product is very comfortable to wear.
  • Available in 5 sizes.
  • This product is very discreet.
  • 1 Pants per purchase
  • Long life value & machine washable.

1 review for DRYtex Waterproof PVC Plastic Pants

  1. Jacque O’Neill

    I bought these pants for my mom; she had lost her confidence and did not leave the house very much, unless it was essential. Her life has changed since wearing these pants. They are very quiet and discreet. She now has the confidence to leave the house more often. I can now bring her shopping and she is not panicking about finding a bathroom. This summer we are planning a trip to The States to visit her sister, a few months ago she would not have even considered going on a plane.

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