MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies

MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies (Size Medium) are an incontinence product that has been specifically designed for users with a severe or an extremely severe level of urinary or bowel incontinence. They are designed with the highest level of protection in mind for the user and insure a high level security against leakage and have been designed to provide the users with the ultimate level of comfort that is available in the MoliCare range.


MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies (Size Medium) are the highest level of protection for heavy incontinence. The MoliCare Super Soft Plus Adult Nappies (Size Medium) are a full fitted nappy that has been designed and fitted with a waterproof membrane and the nappy is made with a soft textile backing, this soft material is quite and will not make a lot of noise if the user is active, this preserves the users confidence and dignity as others will not be aware that the users is wearing an incontinence product.

The product has been fitted with soft inner cuffs which provide extra protection against leakage or embarrassing situations that may arise from having a leak in public. The core of this nappy is a large absorbent pad specifically designed to provide protection for both urinary and bowel incontinence. The soft breathable side panels allow the skin to breathe reducing any irritation or discomfort.

MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies (Size Medium) are fitted with easy to use tabs that make removing and changing the product easy and convenient. They are a perfect choice for users with limited mobility or for use at night to give the user more comfort. This product can also be used by those who do not have a server level of incontinence but want extra protection and peace of mind on a long journey or where access to a bathroom may be limited such as on a plane journey or out shopping . They are perfect if the user is staying away from home and they do not want run the risk of leakage.

MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies (Size Medium) are highly recommended for users with limited mobility such as those who are bedridden or spend a large portion of their day in a seated position such as in a nursing home. MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies (Size Medium) have been fitted with a wetness indicator on the back making it easy for the individual or for their carer to know when the product needs to be changed. This feature helps to reduce irritation and allows the user to retain a high level dignity while offering a very high level of comfort.

Product Features –┬áMoliCare Super Soft plus

  • Suitable for heavy urinary or bowel incontinence.
  • Waterproof backing for extra security.
  • Side tabs for easy access.
  • Moisture indicator to show when nappy needs to be changed.
  • High level of absorbency
  • Comes in a pack of 14.

Absorbency & Sizes

Size Absorbancy Capacity Pack
Small – 50-80 inches Absorbent 1350 ml 14 Pads
Medium 70 – 120 inches Absorbent 2290 ml 14 Pads
Large 100 – 150 inches Absorbent 2600 ml 14 Pads

1 review for MoliCare Super Soft plus Adult Nappies

  1. Sean Jones

    I look after my 80 year old mother who has little mobility. Night-time is a problem as she is incontinent, the super plus nappies have worked out great for me. They give great protection and are very comfortable for her, which is so important. The side tabs make changing very easy and leaks are not a problem. It was a nightmare when I had to go out to do some shopping; now I feel confident that she will be comfortably until I get home. Last week I bought her to visit a friend in her wheel chair and we were not rushing home. As I can now check the wetness indicator nappy rash has not been a problem.

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