MoliMed for Men Active

MoliMed for Men Active are produced by Hartmann and are a specialist incontinence product designed to deal with the issue of male incontinence. MoliMed For Men Active are designed specifically for the male anatomy, this gives the product user ultimate confidence while wearing the product, as the product is designed for male users the protection is provided specifically based around male anatomy.


MoliMed for Men Active is a pouch/pad that is designed to be worn inside the user’s underwear and helps to protect against unwanted urine leakage. The MoliMed for Men Active has an absorbency level of approximately 140ml, and is designed for users with slight incontinence. They are the least absorbent product in the range of MoliMed products.

This product is light weight and easily concealed under clothing giving the users more confidence in their everyday life or in more active situations. For those with slight incontinence and issues with leakage this product can be a better light weight option then a full pant of Nappy. Their discreet design allows the wearer to have full confidence that no one will know they are using the product.

They are easy to wear and are constructed from a light weight soft material, this material helps prevent irritation and the product is quite. The product is designed to allow the penis to fit comfortably into the waterproof absorbent pouch. The product is held safely in place by an adhesive band holding the pouch under the user’s normal underwear. This product comes in a pack of 14 allowing the user to always have a supply of the product.

Product Features – Molimed Men Active

  • The adhesive strips help secure the product within normal underwear.
  • Designed specifically for men with slight urinary incontinence.
  • This product is very discreet.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Comes in convenient packs of 14.

1 review for MoliMed for Men Active

  1. Sharon

    My husband loved going to the pub to meet friends on the weekend. But in the last few months he gave up going. He had a very slight dribble and was so upset about it, that he was spending most days at home so that that he could be near a bathroom. I ordered these pouches for him and they have made such a difference to his life. They are comfortable that he forgets he is wearing them. The pouches have given him a new quality of life he is no longer stuck at home. He can now go on trips without feeling embarrassed, they are great value for money, without a doubt he is much more condiment and is back enjoying life.

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