MoliNea Couche Rectangular Incontinence Pads

MoliNea Couche Rectangular Inconstancy Pads are a range of Insentience pads designed to cater for light inconstancy. The MoliNea Couche Range is available in 3 absorbency levels allowing the user to best choose the product for their needs and which offers them most security and comfort.


The product is available in 3 levels; Level 1 absorbs 117ml of liquid. Level 2 absorbs 161ml of liquid and Level 3 absorbs 241 ml of liquid. This range of levels insures the user can have the upmost confidence in the product they have chosen. Choosing the right level for the user’s needs is essential to insure that there are no unwanted leaks and is also a very cost effective product. The range allows the user to find the product that is right for them, a lighter absorbency during the day and a higher absorbency level at night or when out on day trips or long journeys.

The MoliNea Couche Rectangular Insentience Pads are available in an economic package of 56 Pads. MoliNea Couche Rectangular Insentience Pads are Economical way to manage light urinary inconstancy and unwanted bowel leakage. The pads are designed for female insentience but can also be used by both men and women in the case of unwanted bowel leakage.

MoliNea Couche Rectangular Insentience Pads are constructed of a light absorbent material that is soft against the skin, insuring that the user will not feel any discomfort or skin irritation as liquid is quickly drawn away from the skin. The Woven textile style backing is extremely quiet, insuring that they are not noisy and are extremely discreet this insures that no one will be aware that you are wearing the product.

MoliNea Couche Rectangular Insentience Pads are easy to fit and comfortable to wear. They are designed to be worn with your normal underwear and are fitted with an adhesive strip that holds them securely in place. Alternatively they are also the perfect choice if the user requires more protection and are suitable to be worn with other insentience products.

Product Features – Couche Pads

  • Very quiet and discreet.
  • For slight incontinence.
  • Self adhesive backing.
  • Can be used with normal under wear
  • Pack of 56

Sizes & Absorbency

Description Size Absorbency Capacity Pack
Molinea Crouche 1 11cm x 30cm Slight 117ml 56 Pads
Molinea Crouche 2 11cm x 30cm Slight 161ml 56 Pads
Molinea Crouche 3 11cm x 35cm Slight 241ml 56 Pads

1 review for MoliNea Couche Rectangular Incontinence Pads

  1. Michael Twomey

    Both my parents have a problem with urinary incontinence as they are both very active I found it difficult to find pads that were not very obnoxious. These pads worked out very well for both of them. They can wear them under their normal under wear. They can feel confident while they are out for their walks. The pads are really secure because of the self adhesive strips and they are not worried that they will move. Even thought the back sheet is water proof they are very quite. As I can buy the same pads for both of them financially it works out well.

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