Strampelpeter Booster Insert Pad

Strampelpeter Booster Insert pads are an incontinence Booster product produced by Hartmann a trusted name in incontinence care products. The Strampelpeter Booster Insert pad is designed to be worn within the incontinence product of your choice or that you have come to trust. These innovative Booster pads are designed to help to prevent against leakage and boosts the absorbency level within other incontinence products. They offer the user a higher level of security; they are the perfect choice for a user who does not have full confidence in the absorbency level of their chosen product and want extra peace of mind and security. They are specifically designed for urinary incontinence.


Strampelpeter Booster Insert pad are constructed of a soft comfortable material that is kind to skin and offers extra comfort. The booster pads that is kind to skin as it draws liquid away from the skin, allowing liquid to gradually seep into other incontinence product that is being worn. Reducing any irritation and making the user feel dry and secure at all time.

The Strampelpeter Booster Insert pads are completely disposable and hygienic. The booster pad is designed to be worn comfortably within ladies incontinence pants and are also designed to be worn within male pouch incontinence products. The booster pad is an excellent choice to be used within washable and or disposable incontinence products.

Strampelpeter Booster Insert pad offer the user Extra security while going about everyday tasks or activities. They are perfect if the user is going on a long journey or going shopping where easy access to a toilet may be limited. This boozer pad will give the user extra security against any embarrassing unwanted leakage. It is suitable for light urinary inconstancy and provides extra security for approximately. They come in a convenient pack of 56 making sure the user has a constant supply when they are needed.

Strampelpeter Booster Insert pads are a popular choice among parents toilet training young children, they are easily inserted into the child’s regular night time or training pants to give extra protection. They are comfortable for children and will give protection against any unwanted night time leaks.

Product Features of Strampelpeter

  • Can be used with other incontiancey products
  • Light absorbancy.
  • Comes in packs of 56

1 review for Strampelpeter Booster Insert Pad

  1. Wanda Grey

    I have been trying to toilet train my son for some weeks now and found that ordinary nappies were not absorbent enough to get him through the night. I bought these booster pads and they worked really well. In the morning I found there were no leaks on his pyjamas and his sheets were dry. I have also used them on long journeys where I have not been able to stop and change him.

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